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Paneer Recipe

recipes Feb 05, 2021

Paneer Recipe


I have always loved paneer, but I fell IN LOVE with paneer at the last conference my teacher hosted which I attended, because he had it served to us each and every day!  There is truly something magical, and mystically rejuvenating, on a daily paneer protocol. As a vegetarian at that time, I felt all of my tissues scream yes as I savored each bite. I had perhaps never felt so rejuvenated in such a short time. Paneer is fresh, un-aged cheese and a healthy vegetarian protein option.  If you are a vegetarian (or not) seeking additional protein sources, I highly encourage you to give it a try. It boasts an array of health benefits not only on your bodily tissues and immune system from all the extra protein, but perhaps more importantly, on your mind and spirit, from the more subtle aspects known as "soma" which is the nurturing vibration of the Moon which permeates the milk of the cow from which paneer is made.



Fresh Cheese:  Paneer


Excellent source of vegetarian protein.  Great meat replacement for vegetarians. Great in winter when more sustaining forms of food are required.  Can be added to soups, sauces, vege stir frys, veggie curries, made into paneer patties, made into sweets, people love it with spinach and spices. 


1. Bring milk to a boil.  (raw is best when possible, 1 gallon will make enough for paneer for a day or two for a couple or small family, and for a single who wants enough to last for the week)

2. Once it foams up, add fresh squeezed and strained lime (best) or lemon juice as a curdling agent and stir gently to mix and form curds.

3. Remove from heat

4. Strain through cloth and either use fresh as is, press in a tofu press for several hours until desired firmness is reached, usually 4-6 hours



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