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Carrot Halava Ayurvedic Dessert Recipe

recipes Jan 20, 2021
Carrot Halava Ayurveda Dessert Recipe


Carrot Halava Dessert Recipe


Carrot halava is a delicious and nutritious dessert which is perfect for the fall and winter months.  Carrots are warming and, as a root vegetable, they contain a lot of earth element in them provides strength and grounding during the cold and windy winter months.


You Will Need:


  • Enough grated carrots to fill your baking pan of choice (ie, 8"x8" glass pyrex)

  • Enough natural unrefined sweetener such as sucanat or brown sugar (approx. 1/4 –2 cups sucanat to make the dish as sweet as you would like. Please remember, the carrots become much sweeter as they are cooked and you may choose to add the sweetener at the end if it is necessary at all.  Please never heat honey as it becomes toxic to the system.

  • 2-4 cups cow, grain or nut milk of choice, enough to keep the dish moistened and allowing the carrots to become moist and cook properly without drying out (these are moistening and nourishing for winter)

  • Few Tbs ghee to add flavor and moisture.

  • Small handful raisins

  • Small handful slivered almonds which you can pre-roast in a little ghee or butter or not.

  • 1/2-1 tsp cardamom powder to add flavor and help with absorption and assimilation or sweets

  • few threads saffron



  • Place all ingredients except for cardamom in a baking dish and bake in over at 350 degree until the carrots are soft and broken down. They will look a little darker when done.

  • Traditionally, the nuts are dry roasted first and the dish is cooked on stove top stirred frequently

  • This should take 1/2 - 2 hours depending upon how much you are making

  • You may want to check on the dish from time to time and stir it to keep the carrots on the top from burning and getting crispy. You will also want to add more milk if you see it is getting too dried out or the carrots don’t have enough moisture to cook properly.

  • Once it is done, remove from oven and stir in cardamom powder—delicious!


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