Ayurveda Life Mastery!

Ayurveda Health & Life Coach Training

Starts January 12, 2022



Heal Yourself then Pass it On...





in a supportive like-minded online community of big-hearted healers, change-makers, empaths & visionaries



Dive Deep into the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda + Life-Coaching


Get the Lifeskills You Need to


Reclaim Your Health


Deeply Transform Your Life


& Launch a Career that Makes Your Soul Sing...


Ready to take Ayurveda to the next level?


If you're a big-hearted serial-giver,

yogi, multi-passionate wellness pro or parent ready to...


put yourself at the top of your to-do list


reclaim your health & transform your life


with the option of

launching a career good for you, others & the planet 




 What Our Students Are Saying... 

"Dear Traci, being in your program has truly changed my life in ways I can't describe. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my famiy. Doing this work and being in this community has given me my life back.  Everything I had been through had taken so much out of me and you taught me how to "refill & rebuild" myself in such a profound way. Thank you a million times over from the bottom of my heart! ❤️ Lynn" ~ Lynn Hanger, Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate


Be the Best Version of You!

Grab your free 3-Part "Ayurveda Basics" video training

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Healing Your Wheel of Life & Creating Your Dharma Project

We are the sum total of all our parts. We get sick for reasons beyond our physical body. In order to heal our body, we need to heal our life.

Our students have the option of focusing on a particular area they want support in transforming over their time in class together. This is called their Dharma Project and they are supported to transform that area through our step-by-step system.

Learn to bridge the confusing gap between your current reality and what you sense is possible for your life. Clarify & actualize your soul's deepest yearnings in all areas of your life such as: Health, Love, Calling (Dharma/Purpose), Family, Friends & Community, Impact & Influence, Abundance, Time Freedom, Home & Belongings, Spiritual and Personal Growth, Fun, and Adventure & Creativity.


Learn Ayurveda


Life Coaching


Total Life Transformation!

Your Experience...

* Anchor into the daily nourishing routines of Ayurveda & Yoga

* Connect deeply to nature through the seasons, foods, spices, aromas, lifestyle & color therapy

* Heal your relationship with food, spices & cooking

* Create a healing home sanctuary

* Clarify your life vision & goals

* Heal your heart & relationships

* Finding your voice

* Becoming visible

* Activating your intuition

* Becoming decisive

* Creating time freedom

* Increasing your income & impact

* Launching your coaching career!


Learn about Ayurveda Life Mastery Health and Life Coach trainings from our founder Traci




What our students are saying...

"I have launched my own coaching business, with expansion projected for years to come. I have created healing routines with habits in place to serve me on my path. My healing journey has taken a slightly new direction, with a greater focus on my Self as a whole and with the wisdom of the ancients to guide me. Between life coaching skills and a much deeper knowledge of Ayurveda, I feel secure in my path with the tools to get me where I am headed....I will forever be a grateful student to Traci and the Ayurvedic Living School." ~ Mia Hamilton,  Ayurveda Life MasteryTM Health and Life Coach & Ayurveda Herbalist trainings graduate



Ayurveda Health & Life Coach Trainings:


*We off 2 different non-sequential trainings covering a variety of topics ...

Outer Medicine Mandala:

Ayurveda Foundations & Nutrition Training

~ January 12 - June 29, 2022 ~

Doors are Now Open!

(Space is very limited. Early registration highly encouraged to save your space.)

Discover Your Unique Ayurvedic Constitution, Dive Deep into Ayurveda core philosophy, Universal Elements, Doshas, & Discover Your Place within the Cosmic Design. Unearth Your Deeper Dharma and Core Values, Mission and Limiting Beliefs. 

Live Your Ayurveda Learnings, Anchor into the ancient nature-aligned daily & seasonal self-care rituals of Ayurveda & Yoga thru integrating modern habit evolution science and the help of our supportive global community. Includes care for women, pregnancy, sex & kids.

Expand into Your Soul's Deepest Yearnings, Bridge the gap between your dreams and your reality. Create your bold vision, set fulfilling goals, manage your time, and harness the power of inner and outer systems of manifestation to actualize your dreams in all areas of your life.

Discover how to begin healing your emotions through healing your body. Learn How to Dance with Your Doshas, Subdoshas, and Bodily Tissues to Heal Your Psychology through healing your Physiology. Includes delicous recipes to heal your bodily tissues.

Ayurvedic Nutrition 1:  How to Eat, Food Psychology & Energetics, Learn Ayurvedic Nutrition, Recipes & Eating Practices to Heal Your Gut, Digestion, and Relationship with Food, Learn 6 Tastes, Agni, Food Energetics, Food Combining, Macro- & Micro-nutrients & Ayurvedic Daily Supplements.

Ayurvedic Nutrition 2:  What to Eat.  What to eat every day to both nourish and cleanse each bodily tissue and build physical and emotional resilience. Optimal foods for each dosha, and various eating styles will be explored thru the ayurvedic lens such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten, intermittent fasting, blood type diet, etc.

Inner Medicine Mandala:

Psychology, Relationships & Subtle Ayurveda Training

July 6 - Dec 14, 2022

Release the old to create space for who you're leaping into!  Experience Deep Release & Renewal of Your BODY, HEART & HOME in our 3-week Ayurveda group guided life detox. Students will have the option of doing an ayurveda home and body detox. They'll also learn ayurveda detox theory and how to remove the 4 types of toxin. Also includes introduction to Vastu Shastra (ayurvedic feng shui) and a Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology Immersion).

Heal your Mind and Emotions thru Ayurvedic Psychology. Understand your mental constitution and the energetic emotional model of psychology underlying all relationships. Topics explored include: nature of the mind, thoughts, emotions, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, HSP. Energy body anatomy & physiology will also be covered. 

Finding Your Voice & Becoming Your Own Best Friend. Learn our multi-step system for stepping into visibility personally and professionally. Experience standing in your own authentic power, unearthing your superpowers, stepping into self-confidence,  establishing healthy boundaries, clear communication, activating your own inner guidance and becoming decisive.

Healing Your Heart & Core Relationships. Learn ayurvedic and modern relational dynamics, and cutting edge communication & coaching skills to create and sustain thriving relationships and get the love, support, and deep connection you need. Experience regular peer partner practice sessions as you refine your new skills, and begin creating thriving family, friend and life partner relationships.


Activating Your Inner Medicine for Emotional Balance.  Explore yoga therapies, paths and practices thru the ayurvedic lens such as breathwork, asana, and mantra to create emotional and mental fortitude. Learn Ayurveda sensory therapies for emotional balance such as color therapy, aromatherapy, and gemstone therapy.

Experience our Introduction to Ayurvedic Herb Workshop & our Abundance Builder Workshop. Learn herbal energetics, and the properties of common herbs and spices for each constitution. PLUS, learn easy practical tools to start building financial abundance today and to secure future financial stability for yourself, your family and increase your impact.

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What our students say...


Hi, I'm Traci...

Thank you for your desire to grow, evolve and to be the catalyst for healing that the planet needs at this time.

If you're ready to be deeply nourished by mother nature's medicine, to EMBODY AYURVEDA BY LEARNING AND LIVING AYURVEDA IN A SUPPORTIVE ONLINE COMMUNITY, clarify your purpose, find your voice, step into visibility, activate your inner guidance system, and transform your life and relationships, while creating a career you love, then this is YOUR COMMUNITY!

I've distilled my past 20+ years of  studying, practicing, and teaching in Ayurveda, Coaching, Psychology, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Cooking, Herbal Medicine, Panchakarma Detoxification, and Aromatherapy, to create a unique system of whole life transformation which I believe provides the very best of eastern (feminine) and western (masculine) systems of healing and life mastery known as our signature Ayurveda Life MasteryTM Health and Life Coach Training. 


Together We Rise,


What's Included?

Weekly Live Classes & Video Lessons with World Class Guides

Enjoy weekly live class with  world class ayurveda teachers and be guided through learning & implementing ayurveda step-by-step into your life, and getting your questions answered. PLUS get pre-recorded ayurveda video lessons delivered to your inbox. All classes are recorded in case you miss.

Wheel of Life Dharma Project

You have the option to amplify your manifestation and collaboration skills by taking on a "dharma project". A Dharma Project is a particular area of your life you will be transforming and healing during the program such as: health, love, calling and more.

Monthly Dharma Activation Retreats or Coaching Skills Trainings with Traci Webb & Guests

These are special monthly retreats with Traci. You'll be activating your dharma at the highest level, to live in alignment with your own deepest yearnings in all areas of your life including health, calling, relationships, time, finance and more. 

3-Day Live Ayurveda Body Reading Immersion

Learn to assess yours and others constitution and imbalance tendencies.  Dive Deep into Ayurveda Constitutional and Imbalance Assessment. Includes discussion, demonstration and partner practice of all skills learned including:  ayurveda body, face, pulse, tongue, and voice.

Optional Ayurveda Internship

Launch your natural health & ayurveda coaching career! Learn the Ayurveda Life Mastery Coaching System, coaching & client communication skills to guide your clients thru deep health and life transformation. Includes: Coaching Client Kit (client intake forms & handouts), & monthly Q&A time each month with your coach. 5-month internship includes: Coaching 3 clients

Monthly Private Ayurveda Coaching Sessions

Get the ongoing personal support you need to take your health and life to the next level in your monthly 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with your certified Ayurveda Life MasteryTM  Health & Life Coach. For those taking the internship, these will double as Q&A sessions during your internship.

Ayurveda Self-Care Course (Downloadable)

Learn ayurveda daily and weekly self-care rituals from the comfort of home. 6-hours of video lessons in all including ayurvedic warm oil self-massage, exfoliating full body herbal scrub, soothing eye bath, oral care and so much more!

Seasonal Ayurveda Nutrition Classes (downloadable course)

Enjoy seasonal ayurveda nutrition courses with Traci Webb delivered to your inbox each season. Includes  30 delicious and nutritious downloadable ayurveda seasonal recipes. 



This is an Optional Add-on to Your Training  which is highly encouraged to provide the growth container for you to fully thrive and transform. Meets one day a week online. After you register below, you'll be given the option to join.

Total Package Price: $1500

(Saves $1500 off Regular annual pass price!)



Weekly Ayurveda Self-Care Sessions & Yoga Classes

Experience weekly deep relaxation and restoration thru our communitywide hands-on ayurveda self-care sessions & yoga classes. Students will explore seasonal ayurveda self-care and yoga practices including warm oil self-massage, self-marma therapy, dry brushing, herbal scrubs, aromatic herbal baths, asana, breathwork, meditation, reflexology, tapping and more.

Weekly Peer Support Circles & Q&A Sessions

Community is Medicine. Get the community support and accountability you need to implement ayurveda into your life step-by-step, and transform your life. Make new friends to support your growth and sense of deep connection and like-minded community.

Bimonthly Moon Meditations

These are bimonthly schoolwide online community gatherings where you will experience new and full moon meditations, intention-setting and harvest, guided by our coaches. Realign to nature's healing rhythms, reconnect to your soul's deepest yearnings and get support actualizing your dreams. 

Monthly Ayurveda Cooking Lessons & Special Workshops

Learn to make seasonal ayurveda staple and specialty foods & special recipes each month in our hands-on live online seasonal cooking lessons from the comfort of home. Recipes included. Plus experience monthly hands-on workshops on special practices like Pranayama Breathwork, Mantra & more with Traci & guests!

Seasonal Ayurveda Self-Care Retreats & Rituals

Enjoy LIVE seasonal ayurveda self-care retreats & rituals with special guest guides. Learn special seasonal self-care, home spa therapies, foods & recipes, and acknowledge the shift as we transition from one season to the next, in the year and our lives, including honoring our ancestors through special discussions and hands-on rituals. 


Enjoy deep release and renewal of your body, heart & home in our communitywide seasonal group detoxes. You'll also learn about the 4 types of toxins and how to remove them. Let go of the old and create space for who it is you're becoming!

Monthly Ayurveda Pulse Lessons for Self-Healing

Learn Ayurveda Pulse for Self-Healing & Self-Assessment. These monthly sessions will provide the consistent practice needed to lay the foundations for pulse reading at a deeper level with clients. Students will have the option to add-on our Ayurveda Pulse Training which will launch later in the year. 

Monthly Ayurveda Dance Party

💃Having fun and celebrating life together is healing!  Plus, girls just want to have fun right?!  So our community has voted in a monthly communitywide ayurveda dance party for this year to celebrate this crazy life together and let off some steam and drop into our feminine.


Your Virtual Learning Experience:
  • Weekly Live Class with Traci Webb or Guest Teachers

  • Weekly Video Lessons (24-hour virtual classroom access)

  • Monthly Live Dharma Activation & Coaching Skills Retreats with Traci
  • Bimonthly Moon Meditations, Peer Support Circles & Q&A Sessions

  • Monthly Ayurveda Self-Care Session

  • Monthly Ayurveda Cooking Lessons

  • Monthly Personal Support Sessions with your coach

  • In-Depth Program Workbook delivered to your doorstep

  • Private Supportive Facebook Community

  • Ayurveda Coaching Internship (optional & included) + Client Forms & Handouts


Meet Your Guides...

Traci Webb

foundeded the Ayurvedic Living School in 2006 and is our program designer and lead teacher. Traci is the author of Ayurveda Life Mastery our foundational ayurveda textbook. She's a SV Ayurveda Practitioner and Educator. She's a Panchakarma Instructor, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist-NAMA, and Vedic Astrologer who's been teaching ayurveda, yoga, massage, aromatherapy and leading women's groups for 20+ years. Traci served on the Board of Directors for CAAM. She is passionate about empowering women to take back their power to heal themselves, and to reclaim their birthright as self, family and community healers and leaders.

Mary Thompson

is a world class teacher and  heart-centered mentor to Ayurvedic practitioners and students around the globe. Having taught Ayurveda for over 20 years (18 at the California College of Ayurveda), she continues to find joy in supporting her students as they step into their professional lives. Her interest in Ayurveda began as she sought to find answers to her own health challenges. Once she found Ayurveda, she transitioned from grade-school teacher to Ayurvedic practitioner educator. She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner,  Panchakarma Specialist, and founding board member of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM). Mary teaches in our Coach, Herbalist and Mentorship programs. 

Vijaya Stern

is an Ayurvedic Naturopath, who is a highly respected teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda and Panchakarma across the US. She is the originator of the Shakti Marga Path of Feminine Power (Ayurtantra Self-Healing System). She has studied with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute since 1982. She is a graduate of Clayton College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is a Certified Massage Therapist. She is an Ayurveda and Panchakarma teacher who also incorporates Emotional Breathwork, Sanskrit Chanting, Tantric Mysticism and Yoga into her courses. Vijaya has also served on the Board of Directors for CAAM. Vijaya teaches in our Coach and Herbalist programs.

Mamta Landerman

is the founding and current President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM) and served on its Board for five years since 1998. She produced three Ayurveda International Symposia at U.C. Berkeley, bringing together Ayurvedic practitioners, suppliers and teachers from across the nation to seed the wisdom of this 5,000 year-old ‘mind-body-soul’ philosophy and wholistic healthcare system in the US. Mamta has also served as faculty for several ayurveda schools across the US, and has presented at numerous workshops, and conferences.  A mother of two grown sons, Mamta is a native of India and has been practicig and teaching transformational work for over 35 years across the US.  She has a deep love and study of her ancient heritage from India - specifically ayurveda and Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology). 

Rose Carol

is a  Shaka Vansya Ayurveda Practitioner and Educator who mentored with the late Ayurvedic Physician, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra.  Rose  fell in love with Ayurveda when she was a Vedic Science student at Maharishi International University in the 1980's and later participated in a formal Ayurveda Training at Maharishi European University in Holland with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his team of Ayurvedic Physicians. She is certified in Ayurveda with Bhavana Institute of Ayurveda and Yoga and has over 30 years experience administering pancha karma (Ayurvedic Body Therapies). She has a masters degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with the Highly Sensitive Person and offers Ayurveda as Adjunct Therapy for emotional and mental wellbeing.

Jennifer Wiest

is our Community Director & Senior Coach Supervisor. Jennifer was in our first graduating class of the school. She's a graduate of both Ayurveda Life Mastery & Ayurveda Herbalists trainings. She's a certified Ayurveda Life Mastery Health & Life Coach & Ayurveda Herbalist Practitioner. She guides and supports our Ayurveda Life Mastery & Ayureda Herbalist students personally and professionally in their free monthly ayurveda coaching sessions as well as guides our Intern Supervisors in their ongoing support sessions. She co-teaches our Ayurvedic Self-Care Immersion, Medicine Making Immersions, Aromatherapy Immersions, and co-leads our monthly Commoonity Moon Meditations and Peer Support Circles. Jennifer is also certified in Ayurvedic Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki. She's the founder and the creatrix of Amrita Botanicals, her ayurveda-inspired aromatic product line where she incorporates her homegrown and home distilled herbs, essential oils and hydrosols..

Mia Hamilton

is one of our Intern Supervisors, offering our Ayurveda Health and Life Coach students personal and professional guidance in their free monthly ayurveda coaching sessions as a part of their training. She also co-teaches our Ayurveda Self-Care Immersion and is a graduate of our Ayurveda Health and Life Coach, and Ayurveda Herbalist trainings and is one of our certified Ayurvedic Practitioners. She is currently serving her community as an Ayurveda Life Mastery™ Health & Life Coach with a background in western herbalism and energy healing.  Her mission is to provide healing support and guidance to others, so that they too, will have the strength to follow their dharma. Mia lives on the Oregon coast and enjoys hiking, foraging, medicine making, and spending time with her family. 

What our students say...





Step-by-Step from Caring Experienced Guides

Stop the confusion & overwhelm of going it alone



anchor into nature-aligned nourishing daily self-care rituals

with the help of a Supportive Online Community

Receive Monthly 1-on-1 Ayurveda Support Sessions



Deeply reconnect to nature within you and around you thru her seasons, senses, foods, herbs, spices, aromas, colors and more



Experience deep tranformation in all areas of your life through modern

Life-Coaching, Relationship Skills, Time Management & Habit Evolution.


Create a Career You Love

Become an Ayurveda Health and Life Coach in just 12 months!

Gain the skills, experience and support you need to confidently launch your coaching practice and really make a difference, not just a living!




Claim Your Space to Reclaim Your Life!





It's time to Step into Professional Visibility!

Establish a Professional Career in the Ayurveda & Coaching Industries!

Ayurveda and coaching are booming industries which are growing every day.  Our graduates may add to their existing career in the healing or coaching fields or open their own Ayurveda Health & Life Coaching practice. Ayurveda is a non-licensed profession within the USA. Students will need to check with the governing agencies and laws of their state/country. Many of our graduates choose to consult online, set up practice in healing centers, yoga studios, retreat centers, or start their own healing center or group coaching program. Ayurvedic Living School holds professional accreditation status with the AADP and is an Accredited Member of the AADP & AAPNA.  Students who complete our programs are eligible to apply to AADPAAPNA for third party certificates and board certification 

We're Proudly Associated with




Foundations & Nutrition Training 

Starts: January 12, 2022

Deadline: January 7, 2022 (space remaining)

Register Early & Get Bonus Package FREE! by being among the first half of registered students.

(Once bonus package is full, students will have the option of purchasing the Bonus Package for an additional $1500 investment.)

Bonus Package Includes: LIVE Weekly Yoga Classes & Ayurveda Self-Care Sessions, Weekly Peer Support Circles & Accountability Pods, Bimonthly Moon Meditations, Monthly Cooking Classes, Seasonal Self-Care Retreats & Rituals with Traci Webb & Guest Guides, Seasonal Group Detoxes, Downloadable Seasonal Nutrition Courses

 Course Syllabus ~



Now Enrolling...





* Weekly Videos

* Weekly Online Class

* Monthly Dharma Activation & Coaching Skills Retreats with Traci Webb

* Downloadables: P DFs, Audio Meditations & Self-Discovery Sheets

* Ayurveda Life Mastery Workbook delivered to your door

* All Classes Recorded if You Cannot Attend Live







* Weekly Videos

* Weekly Online Class

* Monthly Dharma Activation & Coaching Skills Retreats with Traci Webb

* Downloadables: P DFs, Audio Meditations & Self-Discovery Sheets

* Ayurveda Life Mastery Workbook delivered to your door

* All Classes Recorded if You Cannot Attend Live







* Weekly Videos

* Weekly Online Class

* Monthly Dharma Activation & Coaching Skills Retreats with Traci Webb

* Downloadables: P DFs, Audio Meditations & Self-Discovery Sheets

* Ayurveda Life Mastery Workbook delivered to your door

* All Classes Recorded if You Cannot Attend Live



Days left to follow your bliss









What our students are saying...


What our students are saying...

"To say that the Ayurvedic Living School has transformed my life would be an understatement. I came to Ayurveda broken, fragile and scared. I emerged happy, healthy and confident. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend all of the ALS programs."

~ Anne Allen
Ayurveda Life MasteryTM & Ayurveda Herbalist Programs Graduate

"I have learned and applied so many life tools and knowledge during this course and into my life. It has strengthened my personal and work relationships, as well as, my relationship with myself. I have brought spiritual practices into my life and sustained them through the support and guidance of this course. I am so happy that Ayurveda is in my life and always will be!"

~ Jennifer Wiest
Madre Illumination Healing & Amrita Botanicals

"I have launched my own coaching business, with expansion projected for years to come. I have created healing routines with habits in place to serve me on my path. My healing journey has taken a slightly new direction, with a greater focus on my Self as a whole and with the wisdom of the ancients to guide me. Between life coaching skills and a much deeper knowledge of Ayurveda, I feel secure in my path with the tools to get me where I am headed. I still have a ways to go to reach all my goals, but I will forever be a grateful student to Traci and the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda."

Mia Hamilton
Ayurveda Life Mastery Trainings Graduate

"The Ayurveda Life Mastery program at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda has been an incredible experience and has changed my outlook on life forever. It has helped me to understand myself, my relationships, and the world in a whole new way. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and feel prepared to meet the mental, spiritual, and emotional challenges of life with love, compassion, and understanding. Thank you NIA for this invaluable experience."

"Dear Traci, being in your program has truly changed my life in ways I can't describe. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my famiy. Doing this work and being in this community has given me my life back. Everything I had been through had taken so much out of me and you taught me how to "refill & rebuild" myself in such a profound way. Thank you a million times over from the bottom of my heart! ❤️ Lynn"

Lynn Hanger
Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"The Ayurveda Life Mastery program has been such an wonderful point of focus to orient my life around. It has been an anchor in staying connected to myself and my dreams. It has offered some great tools that have inspired action to my goals and has aided in bringing greater clarity to my vision and my vision of the world. I am grateful for the community it has offered, and feel blessed to be able to connect with like minded individuals. I do love the ability to approach the material on our own schedules via the online course. I LOVE the program and what we are doing in it. Thank you Traci for the experience."

"What I love the most about Ayurveda is not only the tools and knowledge I now possess, but the fact that by doing all these things for myself, I have really let my body know that I honor it and love it."

"I feel stronger and more balanced with my energy and I have not gotten sick once in the last 9 months…it was great to go a winter without any sickness."

"This course was much better than all the expectations I had because it goes much more deep in a lot of aspects of life that I was not realizing before. All the powerful information changed my life in a wonderful way. I can now recognize every sign that my body gives me so I can take care of myself and the people around me in a very deep way. So powerful and amazing. I have amazing skills to face my life. I feel really motivated and empowered."

"This class helped me to understand myself, others and life in general much more deeply. Traci is a great teacher, wonderful mentor and a supportive friend."

Jackson Scott

"Being Part of the Ayurveda Life Mastery program has been a joy and a wonderful personal growth opportunity. Ayurveda touches so many aspects of life; health, happiness, spirituality, nutrition, lifestyle, connection with nature and community, the list goes on and on. Learning with this group has been a beautiful experience and I look forward to sharing the knowledge with others into the future."

~ Valerie Allen

"I feel better now because of initiating new habits and routines, paying more attention to my body and mind and having a new way to understand and treat them."

"I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in Ayurveda and wants to learn more about nurturing and empowering oneself...and online makes the program easily accessible. I learned a deep knowledge of Ayurveda and myself and made great friends along the way."

~ Amber Lucero

"I feel more confident in who I am. I feel like I undertand the world, the people around me, and my relationships in a whole new way. Thank you Traci for an amazing experience and your love you offer to all of us."

"My emotional health has improved drastically. Learning the power of my thoughts and actions as well as diet has on my emotional well being is profound. I feel less reactive, judgemental and more empowered to have control over my mind. I feel more tuned in to how everything affects my body. I feel more connected and have better physical health and digestion. I received more knowledge than I expected and tools to help along this path. It changed the way I look at life. I enjoyed every part of the journey."

"It is life changing and you have made it so accessible and easy to stay connected and involved. I really appreciate the support and kindness of Traci and the students too!"

"I am loving the Ayurveda Life Mastery program. It has helped me become my own healer The program is helping heal my body-mind-spirit and stabilize into a new level consciousness. I appreciate the community and the timely information. I've benefited from the emphasis on self care. I will share the Ayurvedic and life coaching knowledge with others in my life that show interest and will continue to explore and incorporate these practices into my life after the class has ended."

"I could write a novel about everything I learned. The love, support and intimate experience that I had in all of the ALS programs would be impossible to get in larger schools. There were lifelong bonds formed among the teachers and students. On a regular basis we laughed, cried, sang, cooked, chanted, dreamed and held space for each other."

~ Anne Allen

"I had been considering the Ayurvedic Living School for 2 years before life let me know it was time. In just a few months I began to see life in a different light, those around me were noticing and telling me I was different and glowing, I met people who are surely going to become part of my life tribe and I have gained some valuable tools that have allowed me to see myself in a light of compassion and fierceness all at once. When I started the program I had an idea of where I was going in life as an herbalist, but now I have the courage and light to follow that path in front of me. Although I was aware of the life coaching aspect I didn't know how important that part of the course would be and how much it would help me catapult my calling."

Xiommy Rohena
Ayurveda Life Mastery Trainings Graduate

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Traci for the past 20 some years and she has been very accessible in helping me with my various health issues. In particular with my stomach after having been diagnosed and hospitalized with diverticulitis. With her guidance in diet change and herbal and probiotic suggestions, I have to say that I am 100% better. She has also helped me with teaching me to have a different mindset on how to approach life in a more positive manner (which is a challenge for me) and specially how to apply Ayurveda to every day of my life. She is an amazing teacher, and one of the most compassionate human beings I know. One of her strengths as an instructor is making something that is so complex as Ayurveda easy for all of us to understand. I believe that anyone would benefit tremendously from taking the Ayurveda Life Mastery classes and any of her other classes. Thank you Traci for your wisdom and caring."

Connie D'Amico
Ayurveda Life Mastery Trainings Graduate

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