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Ayurveda Skincare Course

for Women

with Traci Webb

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Discover Ayurveda Beauty Secrets

Learn the 3 ayurveda secrets to ageless beauty. Learn Ayurveda skin typing. Experience giving yourself an ayurveda facial marma self-massage. Learn the ayurveda daily facial regimen rituals for relaxation and beautification.

Learn Ayurveda Aromatherapy

Learn the top 15 essential oils and base oil properties for creating radiant skin that glows, and for healing specific skin imbalances. 

Learn to Make Your Own Facecreams & Body Lotions

Learn Traci's favorite recipes for making your own beauty products such as your daily facial moisturizer, nightly facial serum, body lotion, and body oil, along with weekly facial regimens including essential oil steaming, and herbal facials masks, scrubs and more using essential oils and all natural ingredients easily from home.

Tess Skudlark

The Ageless Beauty workshop was one of the most fun workshops I have ever done online. Packed with really useful and practical information, but I think the most fun was making our own luxurious custom blend skin care creams together and also learning how to do SVA facelift marma technique and the Samadhi Marma technique.  It’s definitely like a “Disneyland for healers” weekend!! I highly recommend.

Irina Ristenpart

It was such a beautiful journey to explore our own evolution of our inner and outer beauty and how we relate to our community and life as a whole, a continuum... the big picture... with no beginning and no ending, but just one transformation into another. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn and improve. Thank you Traci

Meet Traci Webb Your Guide...

Traci has been guiding highly special souls through Ayurveda detox, panchakarma and heart healing practices for over 20 years. She's a classically trained and certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Panchakarma Practitioner, Ayurvedic Massage & Panchakarma Therapist, Marma Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Aromatherapist. She has written several textbooks on Ayurveda, including: Ayurveda Aromatherapy, Massage, Panchakarma, and Ayurveda Foundations, Nutrition & Psychology. Traci understands the special needs of her western clients, their schedules, their physical and emotional challenges, & tailors all Ayurvedic Living courses to to gently nourish and guide them back to their natural state of radiant health and happiness. Traci believes in the natural intelligence of the body and heart to heal themselves when provided a the right environment, community support and guidance. She looks forward to you being a part of this magical healing journey! 

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